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Paperback Book: Your Guide to Blueprinting the Practical Way

Paperback Book: Your Guide to Blueprinting the Practical Way

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Get the paperback version of our book on Amazon!

We are SO EXCITED to announce the release of Your Guide to Blueprinting the Practical Way! With over 140+ pages of content, this is an all-new book that covers both current- and future-state blueprinting! Available right now as free PDF or paperback through Amazon!

If it’s not actionable, it’s not practical!

That’s the mindset we take in this new, expanded book on the process and value of Practical Experience Blueprinting! 

Having a solid end-to-end, surface-to-core view of how your organization delivers its services, products, and offerings is essential to being able to fix underperforming or broken customer experiences, as well as design and implement your future state vision. Practical Experience Blueprinting helps you do both by looking at what the customer experiences—the frontstage, and helping you break down (often for the first time!) the makeup and capabilities of your backstage: the systems, policies, processes, and roles that are essential to how your organization delivers the customer experience.

In this book, you will get:

  • A comprehensive introduction to current- and future-state blueprinting
  • How to prepare and facilitate blueprinting with your organization
  • Learn when the right time to blueprint
  • How to go from blueprinting to actionable insights in a matter of hours!

Learn how blueprinting differs from other similar formats and approaches, get answers to common questions in blueprinting, and how to apply this to your real work context. 

This book is a companion textbook for our online courses and templates on
current-state and future-state blueprinting!

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