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ALL TEMPLATES IN ONE MEGA-KIT - Current State Blueprinting

ALL TEMPLATES IN ONE MEGA-KIT - Current State Blueprinting

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Get all current state blueprinting templates in one bundle for a $10 discount!

This kit has everything from the resources, facilitation, and synthesis kit and wrapped up into one easy purchase. This is the same exclusive content you get with the "Introduction to Practical Service Blueprinting" online course.

This kit includes:

  1. A blank current state blueprinting template
  2. Demo template with instructions, examples, how-to video
  3. Blueprinting anatomy key handout
  4. Scenarios-to-Steps worksheet
  5. Scenario identification worksheet and example scenarios
  6. Current state blueprinting session logistics and prep checklist
  7. Blueprinting facilitator cheatsheet
  8. Blueprinting workshop session agenda template
  9. Slides to include in your project planning decks
  10. Blueprinting theme worksheet template
  11. Theme spreadsheet template
  12. Synthesis process example
  13. Post-blueprinting action plan

How you will receive the files:

  • This is a digital purchase; you will receive a PDF with links to where you download all the files and access template duplication URLs for templates using cloud-based applications (e.g. Google Docs)

Important notes on template packages:

  • These templates are also included in our online course,   "Introduction to Practical Service Blueprinting." If you have purchased the course, you do not need to purchase these templates. Consider enrolling in our popular online course that shows you how to use these templates. (All current-state blueprinting templates are included with course purchase!)


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